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At Sonder, we bring personalized healthcare right to your doorstep. Our home health care services are designed to cater to individuals facing illnesses, injuries, or chronic conditions, aiding in their swift recovery. By having our dedicated team of nurses, therapists, and aides visit you in the comfort of your home, we aim to not just treat the ailment, but to restore your independence and enhance your quality of life.

Eligibility for our home health care is contingent on being homebound, being under a physician’s care, and having a doctor-certified need for clinical services. With a plan of care tailored to your needs and regularly reviewed by your doctor, we ensure a healthcare journey that is as effective as it is comforting.

Home Health Care Services

Delve into our variety of services, each designed to nurture a different facet of your health and daily living.

Nursing Care

Our Nursing Care services provide personalized attention to manage various health conditions right at home. Our skilled nurses assist in medication management, disease control, and post-operative care, aiming to enhance recovery and improve the quality of life. The mentioned services are just a glimpse of the extensive care we offer, ensuring a supportive pathway towards better health for every patient.

Disease Process Management

Empower yourself in managing chronic diseases with our comprehensive monitoring and guidance, designed to ensure your health journey is on the right track towards optimum wellness.

Diabetic Management

Take control of your diabetes with our personalized management plans. Our team provides essential guidance and monitoring to help you maintain a balanced and healthy life.

Urinary Catheter Care & Management

Experience professional care and management for urinary catheters ensuring cleanliness, proper function, and comfort, enhancing your day-to-day well-being.

Post Stroke (CVA) Management

Navigate the path of recovery from a stroke with our specialized care. Our team assists in rehabilitation exercises, mobility training, and overall management to foster your recovery.

Medication Instruction and Monitoring

Ensure accurate medication intake with our clear instructions and regular monitoring. Our precise medication management is designed to support your treatment plan effectively.

Ostomy Care

Receive personalized care, education, and support for ostomy management. Our skilled team is dedicated to promoting your comfort and confidence.

Pain and Symptom Management

Alleviate discomfort and manage symptoms effectively with our personalized strategies. We aim to improve your quality of life, making each day more comfortable.

Post Surgery Care

Accelerate your recovery post-surgery with our meticulous care routine. We provide wound care, mobility assistance, and other essential services to support a smooth recovery.

PICC Line/Central Line Management

Ensure the proper management of your PICC or Central Line with our professional care, dedicated to preventing complications and ensuring optimum function.

Wound Care/Vac Therapy

Promote healing and prevent infections with our professional wound care and vac therapy services, tailored to support your recovery and maintain your skin’s health.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy at Sonder revolves around enhancing the physical mobility and overall functional capability of our patients. Our expert therapists design personalized rehabilitation plans to help patients regain strength, improve balance, and achieve a higher level of independence in their daily activities. Through a collaborative approach, we aim to significantly improve the quality of life of our patients, aiding them in overcoming physical challenges and enjoying a more active lifestyle.

Mobility and Safety Assessment and Instruction

A thorough assessment of an individual’s mobility and safety within their environment, followed by tailored instructions to enhance movement and prevent falls.

Home Exercise Education and Training

Customized exercise programs designed for home practice, aimed at improving strength, flexibility, and overall physical wellness.

Transfer Training

Specialized training to teach safe and efficient transfer techniques, assisting individuals in moving between positions such as sitting, standing, and lying down.

Equipment Management

Guidance on the proper use and management of mobility aids and equipment, ensuring optimal functionality and safety.

Therapeutic Treatment

Various therapeutic interventions to alleviate pain, improve mobility, and address specific physical conditions or injuries, fostering quicker recovery and enhanced well-being.

Speech/Language Therapy

Speech/Language Therapy at Sonder is focused on enhancing communication, cognitive function, and swallowing abilities for individuals facing challenges in these areas. Our dedicated therapists work closely with patients to develop personalized plans aimed at improving their speech, understanding, and overall communication skills, thus enabling a better quality of life and ease in social interactions.

Cognitive Evaluation and Training

Comprehensive assessments and targeted training programs to improve cognitive functions such as memory, problem-solving, and attention which are crucial for effective communication.

Assessment of Communication and Comprehension Abilities

Detailed evaluations of speech, language, and comprehension abilities to identify areas of improvement and develop individualized intervention strategies.

Instruction in Speech and Language Skills

Tailored instruction and practice in speech and language skills to enhance clarity, articulation, and effective communication.

Communication Devices

Assistance with communication devices that aid in better expression and understanding for individuals with severe speech or language difficulties.

Diagnostic Swallowing Tests

Comprehensive evaluations to assess swallowing function and identify any difficulties or abnormalities.

Eating and Swallowing Training

Specialized training to improve eating and swallowing safety and efficiency, ensuring better nutritional intake and enjoyment of meals.

Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational Therapy at Sonder aims at enabling individuals to live a fulfilling life by enhancing their ability to perform daily activities independently. Our expert occupational therapists work closely with individuals to identify challenges, set personalized goals, and develop strategies to improve their functional abilities. This service is crucial for individuals recovering from injuries, facing physical challenges, or experiencing age-related changes.

Daily Living Activities Assessment and Instruction

Comprehensive education and training focused on enhancing essential skills for independent living, including time management, financial management, and problem-solving.

Independent Living Skills Education

Comprehensive education and training focused on enhancing essential skills for independent living, including time management, financial management, and problem-solving.

Adaptive Equipment

Guidance and training on the use of adaptive equipment that facilitates easier and safer performance of daily tasks, ensuring individuals can live independently with enhanced confidence.

Energy Conservation Skills

Techniques and strategies to manage energy effectively, enabling individuals to participate in desired activities without undue fatigue.

Medical Social Worker

Our Medical Social Worker services play a pivotal role in providing a holistic approach to patient care. Our dedicated social workers are adept at addressing the psychosocial and emotional needs of individuals and their families, navigating through challenging times. They act as a crucial link between the patients, their families, and community resources, ensuring a supportive network that enhances the overall well-being of individuals under our care.

Psychosocial Assessment

Comprehensive assessments to understand the psychosocial factors affecting an individual’s health and well-being, providing a foundation for tailored support plans.

Social and Emotional Counseling

Offering counseling sessions to address social and emotional challenges, promoting better coping strategies and improved mental health.

Community Resource Referrals

Connecting individuals and families to essential community resources that can provide additional support, whether it be financial, educational, or health-related.

Home Health Aide

Home Health Aide Services at Sonder provide a compassionate extension of our care right into your home. Our dedicated aides are trained to assist with personal care tasks, ensuring individuals can maintain a comfortable and dignified daily routine. They are focused on enhancing the quality of life of our patients, providing respectful and attentive care that caters to personal needs and preferences.

Daily Living Activities Assessment and Instruction

Assistance with daily personal care tasks such as grooming, dressing, and toileting, ensuring individuals can maintain a good level of personal hygiene and comfort.

Independent Living Skills Education

Providing safe and comfortable assistance with bathing, whether it’s a bed bath, sponge bath, or assistance in a shower or tub, ensuring the personal cleanliness and well-being of individuals.

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