Home health care is just what it sounds like: health care services delivered in the comfort of your own home. Nurses, therapists and aides visit the patient in the home to help treat an illness, injury or chronic condition. The goal is to TREAT an illness or injury, helping the patient get better, regain their independence, and become as self-sufficient as possible.

In order to be eligible for home health you must be homebound, you must be under the care of a doctor, you must be getting services under a plan of care created and reviewed regularly by a doctor and most importantly a doctor must certify that you are in need of clinical services.

Home Health does not cover:
24 hours care at home
Meals delivered to your home
Homemaker Services (shopping, cleaning, and laundry), when this is the only care you need
Custodial Services (bathing, dressing, or using the bathroom), when this is the only care you need.

Our Services

Skilled Nursing

  • Disease Process Management
  • Diabetic Management
  • Urinary Catheter Care & Management
  • Post Stroke (CVA) Management
  • Medication instruction and monitoring
  • Ostomy Care
  • Pain and symptom management
  • Post Surgery Care
  • PICC Line/Central Line Management
  • Wound Care/Vac Therapy

Physical Therapy

  • Mobility and safety assessment and instruction
  • Home exercise education and training
  • Transfer training
  • Equipment management
  • Therapeutic treatment

Speech/Language Therapy

  • Cognitive evaluation and training
  • Assessment of communication and comprehension abilities
  • Instruction in speech and language skills
  • Communication devices
  • Diagnostic swallowing tests
  • Eating and swallowing training

Occupational Therapy

  • Daily living activities assessment and instruction
  • Independent living skills education
  • Adaptive equipment
  • Energy conservation skills

Medical Social Worker

  • Psychosocial assessment
  • Social and emotional counseling
  • Community resource referrals

Home Health Aide

  • Personal care
  • Bathing

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